Meet Our Providers

UCF Student Health Services has a highly qualified group of practitioners to best serve patients. This includes Primary Care Physicians, Sports Medicine Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Registered Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, a Clinical Dietitian, Psychiatrists and a fully staffed Women’s Clinic. All of our physicians are Board Certified. We stress delivery of patient-centered evidenced-based care which puts the patient’s interests first and uses the best clinical approach.

Primary Care Physicians

Dr. Michael Deichen, MD, MPH

Associate Vice President

Dr. James Schaus, MD

Associate Director – Clinical Services/Medical Director

Dr. Yung Nguyen-Siddiqi, MD

Assistant Director - Clinical Services

Sports Medicine Physicians

Dr. Douglas Meuser, MD

Assistant Director - Clinical Services/Sports Medicine

Physician Assistants

Rachelle Stone, PA-C

Coordinator - Clinical Services

Nurse Practitioners - Primary Care

Kristina Grabnickas, MSN, APRN

Coordinator - Clinical Programs


Clinical Dietitians

Mental Health

Dr. Michael Jacobs, MD

Assistant Director Clinical Services, Psychiatry

Women's Clinic

Lisa Newberry, APRN-BC, FNP, LHRM

Coordinator - Clinical Services

Substance Use Disorder Services