Student Health Advisory Committee



The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) provides an essential link between UCF Student Health Services (SHS) and the UCF student body. SHAC represents the student body in relaying student health concerns to SHS, helps to promote SHS services and initiatives, and participates in SHS-sponsored events.

SHAC Members:

  • Provide input to SHS Administrators with concerns, such as accessibility, on-call hours, the range of services, sensitivity to issues of culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, student fees, quality and general satisfaction
  • Make suggestions to, and engage in discussion with, SHS administration and staff for enhancements to services and new program initiatives based on student input (which may include e-mail, forums, surveys, etc.) regarding their wants and needs
  • Receive input from clinicians and staff regarding how we can best educate students
  • Develop programs to educate students about SHS, its services, and important healthcare issues
  • Obtain knowledge from campus partners for personal/career growth
  • Gain volunteer hours through working at SHS-sponsored events


SHAC is composed of 20 members and strives to be representative of a diverse student population.

  • Any university student is eligible to apply for membership.
  • Members are selected based on the merits of their application and interest in the group. Prospective members will be voted upon by SHAC Faculty Advisors.
  • To remain on SHAC, members must not have more than one meeting absence per semester; additional absences will need to be approved by committee leadership.
  • Members must also complete a minimum of 8.0 volunteer hours at SHS-sponsored events per semester in order to remain active.
  • Once accepted into SHAC, students may remain a member until their graduation, as long as they meet membership requirements each semester.
  • Membership is withdrawn by alerting members of the group of the withdrawal, or by failing to meet attendance or volunteer requirements.

How to apply to be a SHAC member:

SHAC is no longer accepting applications for the 2019-20 academic year. Check back in spring.

Leadership and Organization:

SHAC is led by three student positions who work together with two SHS Staff Advisors. The roles of the President and Vice President (elected by majority vote) include: presiding over all meetings of the main committee, implementation, and upholding of bylaws, the appointment of subcommittees, and providing the initial charge of responsibilities to all subcommittees. The role of the Secretary is the organization of meeting agendas and minutes, as well as documentation of volunteer hours and attendance.


SHAC meets once per month during the academic year. Additional meetings may be called for any SHAC subcommittees by leadership. Attendance at meetings is required.


A program review is completed at the end of the spring semesters. Individual reviews will be given by Staff Advisors for active SHAC Members. Members in good/excellent standing may receive by request a letter of recommendation from SHS Director and/or Associate Director for their future endeavors.

For more information contact:

Staff Advisors:,