Genius Foundation Awards $300,000 to UCF Interdisciplinary Health Research

Winners include faculty from all four AHSC units — the colleges of Health Professions and Sciences, Medicine and Nursing, as well as Student Health Services — with support from other university entities.

Posted Thursday, October 7, 2021 @ 1:52 PM

“Care on Campus (CoC): Screening for Intimate Partner Violence within Student Healthcare Settings”

PI: Bethany Backes, CHPSCO-PI: James Schaus, SHC, Mary Schmidt-Owens, SHC, Lisa Newberry, SHC, Jana Jasinski, COS, Julia O’Connor, CHPS, Amy Reckdenwald, COS, Karina Villalba, COM, Jacqueline Woerner, COS

This project will begin screening all patients a UCF Student Health Services for intimate partner violence and providing support and follow-up to those at risk. This is in response to the Spring 2021 National College Health Assessment on the UCF campus that indicated such violence —including physical and emotional abuse, stalking, sexual harassment, and coercion into sexual contact — was a very real concern for students. Consistently monitoring students for intimate partner violence will allow Student Health Services providers to better support and respond to student needs. Through the project, Student Health Services will hire a victim advocate to provide support and will get a better understanding of intimate partner violence at the university and ways to prevent it.


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