CRC awards four students with book scholarships

Posted Friday, June 12, 2020 @ 2:36 PM

Congratulations to the four extraordinary students who each received a $250 book scholarship last month on behalf of the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at UCF. Through these book scholarships, the CRC aims to directly support students in recovery and help them achieve their personal and academic potentials.

The CRC Book Scholarship was largely made possible by a generous $500 donation from Pi Kappa Alpha, or “Pike,” back in January 2020, which was presented by long-time supporter Brit Massing. Massing, having donated the first philanthropic commitment to the CRC in November 2018, continues to significantly help the CRC execute its mission to promote collegiate recovery.

Some of the recipients responded with kind words and hopeful messages, shedding a light on how impactful encouragement and support can be in the lives of those in recovery:

“I am so grateful to be selected for this scholarship. Maintaining my recovery is one of my top priorities as I continue with college. As a college student, I face many challenges from day to day that adds to the difficulties of sustaining recovery. This scholarship will allow me to ease some of those stressors and provide me with an even greater chance to be successful. I am very honored and appreciative of the resources like this that give me the best shot at achieving my future goals!”

“I want to thank the UCF Collegiate Recovery Community from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic scholarship award. In a world presently filled with uncertainty and stress, this award means a lot. The financial burden of obtaining a higher education can be overwhelming at times, right now even more so with the Pandemic the world is facing. As a person in recovery, we can often be judged and overlooked for scholarship opportunities. What an amazing way to reward those working hard on their sobriety! As I work on my second chance at life, I thank you all for the support, encouragement, and financial assistance to keep pursuing my dreams.”

“I am proud of how far I have come and have overcome the shame that kept me trapped in darkness for a very long time. I hope [this scholarship] will help someone to wear their recovery and accomplishments with pride! It’s so great UCF has a recovery support community for students like me.”