Fall 2022 COVID Guidance

Students can get tested for Covid at the Health Center

Posted Wednesday, September 7, 2022 @ 8:53 AM

We have entered a stage of the Covid-19 pandemic where most persons are vaccinated and/or have had Covid infections.  The overall risk to the community is therefore much reduced from early in the pandemic.  As such, UCF has no requirements for testing, vaccination, social distancing, or masking while on campus.  With the exception that masking is required (as per CDC guidance) within university health clinics (to protect high-risk patients and diminish spread).

The CDC Community Level describes Covid precautions that individuals should take based upon various epidemiologic factors (rate of infections, percent of hospital beds occupied by Covid patients, and percent of admissions for Covid).  Presently, Orange County is at a “Medium” level.  At this level, the CDC advises that persons at high risk from Covid Illness should confer with their health care provider about whether they should wear a mask.  Also, persons should stay up to date with Covid vaccinations, and get tested if they are ill with potential Covid symptoms.

Persons who are sick should stay home.  Students can get tested for Covid at the Health Center or use over-the-counter tests available at most pharmacies.  Covid vaccines are also available at the Health Center on the main campus.  Anyone who tests positive for Covid should isolate.

NOTE: Due to the broad availability of COVID-19 vaccines and personal protective items such as face coverings, UCF has adopted a position like other State University System institutions to no longer offer COVID-19 isolation spaces for students who test positive for COVID-19.


Best wishes for a healthy and successful fall semester!


Michael Deichen, MD, MPH
Associate Vice President Student Health Services
University of Central Florida